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Industrial & Commercial Recycling For Kentucky

Central Kentucky Fiber Resources, LLC is a joint venture between Brennan Hunter Fiber Resources, Inc and Cellmark Inc., the world largest marketing company specializing in forest products. This partnership combines the local expertise of Brenan Hunter with the international marketing strength of Cellmark, offering state of the art recovered paper processing and national recyclable marketing opportunities to Central Kentucky and surrounding areas.


Our goal is to help area businesses, corporations, and municipalities reduce waste, increase their recycling, and promote better stewardship of our planet through sound economic practices. We aid our clients in identifying recoverable and recyclable materials, servicing them by processing and recycling them, and creating new revenue streams. We are also a certified vendor for recycling equipment, such as balers and scales. If your business is churning out masses of recoverable paper, or just don't know what to how to get started your recycling efforts, Central Kentucky Fiber Resources, LLC, is here to help.

Give us a call at (859) 225-8100 or email us at info@centralkyfiber.com, to find out more about how we can help your business.

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