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Central Kentucky Fiber Resources Provides Industrial Recycling

Central Kentucky Fiber Resources Provides Industrial Recycling

In recent years, consumer preferences have seen a significant shift toward green products and services. Increasingly, businesses of all sizes are gaining competitive advantages and enhancing their brands through environmental stewardship.

Central Kentucky Fiber Resources assists both businesses and municipalities in their journey toward sustainability. By helping recover and recycle cardboard, paper, plastics, and metal, we provide your business with a means of reducing costs and, often, growing revenue and increasing market share.

How do we help?

Central Kentucky Fiber Resources is a regional processing and distribution center for recovered paper and other recyclable materials. We consult with you, at no cost, to identify resource recovery opportunities and determine how our material-recovery programs can help your business, and how materials can be packaged most effectively to provide you with the greatest return.

We use our position in both national and international recycling markets with the assistance of our partner Cellmark, Inc. to secure the top prices for your recyclable materials, and we oversee all logistics of shipping your materials globally. Our consultants can work with you to begin your recycling program and to support you with any needed equipment, supplies and services.

Our processing and distribution center receives loads of all sizes, and we can accept materials loose or baled. We’re located near downtown Lexington, convenient to major shipping routes, and we can pick up your recovered paper and other materials. We also specialize in processing and finding a market for all grades of recyclable paper.

Industrial Recycling is Important For the Environment

Why is industrial recycling important?

Effective management of industrial waste products through recycling helps protect both the environment and human health. Potential benefits to the environment include decreases in air and water pollution, along with conservation of resources associated with producing new raw materials from natural resources.

Industry is the engine of economic growth, and with growth comes increased amounts of industrial waste. Citizens have stated loudly and clearly that they will no longer support businesses that simply leave their waste in landfills and pass on the problem to future generations.

Recycling of recovered industrial products also helps lessen the impact of shortages of raw materials such as metals, plastics and paper. In addition, industrial recycling has created an entirely new industry that provides jobs and improves standards of living.

Effective industrial recycling programs can sometimes provide revenue streams for businesses with large amounts of recovered materials.

Protect the environment with an industrial recycling program

With consumers increasingly favoring manufacturers who show concern for the environment, many businesses are implementing industrial recycling programs. In addition to helping protect the environment, recycling your raw materials can enhance your brand and help you grow your market and revenues. Contact us for a free consultation on beginning a recycling program.

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