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Central Kentucky Fiber Resources Will Pick Up All Materials

Central Kentucky Fiber Resources Will Pick Up All Materials

Businesses just beginning industrial recycling programs can face a number of logistical challenges. If you’re wondering how you are going to transport materials from your facility to a recycling site on an ongoing basis, Central Kentucky Fiber Resources can help.

Using the most advanced truck fleet in the area, we provide multiple services to meet your specific business needs. We can assist you with services including switching out trailers, combining types of recyclable materials to constitute a full truck load and providing on-the-ground baling if a loading dock is not available.

Reliable transportation for your industrial recycling program

When you implement an industrial recycling program with Central Kentucky Fiber Resources, you can feel confident that your materials will be picked up no matter what. Our fleet is fully insured, and we keep in place a full maintenance agreement that ensures that our services continue in the event of equipment problems. We also track the performance of each of our vehicles with GPS software.

What types of recyclable materials do we accept?

We accept materials in three general categories:

  • Paper: Corrugated containers, phone books, magazines, sorted office paper and others.
  • Metals: Baled aluminum cans and steel food cans, aluminum lithographic sheets, metal pallets and containers and others.
  • Plastics: PVC, Plexiglass, plastic beverage bottles and others.

What Types of Materials We Accepts

What other services do we provide?

In addition to materials handling and transport, Central Kentucky Fiber Resources provides a number of supportive services. We begin with a complimentary analysis of your recovered materials, helping determine which items can be diverted successfully for recycling. We also assist you with efficiently processing, packaging and delivering your recovered materials to appropriate marketplaces.

Our processing center, conveniently located near major transportation arteries in Lexington, accommodates multiple materials and is monitored around the clock by closed-circuit TV and security services.

Throughout processing, we implement strict best practices for weighing, completing documentation and providing you with complimentary reports to support your in-house accounting needs. Pricing of your materials is always tied to the latest market values.

Because we provide consistent resources to mills, we’re in a position to serve as your marketplace partner and broker. Our negotiating leverage ensures that you receive optimum pricing and services. Through the use of baling equipment that operates at high speed and high density, we process more than 240 tons of cardboard and a variety of paper grades, plastics and non-ferrous metals per shift.

From pickup to payment, your materials are in good hands

When you partner with Central Kentucky Fiber Resources for your industrial recycling, you gain the benefit of experienced consultants who tailor a program to meet your needs, efficient pickup and delivery, a state-of-the-art processing facility with 24-hour security and multiple supportive services. For more information about launching your industrial recycling program, please contact us.