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Recycle Bowl Teaches Students About Sustainability

Recycle Bowl Teaches Students About Sustainability

In conjunction with the Keep America Beautiful Recycle-Bowl National Competition, the Lexington area will again be home to its own local Recycle-Bowl Competition. In this contest, Fayette County public and private schools can compete against each other for aluminum can recycling supremacy.

This is the seventh year that Lexington will be hosting its own aluminum can recycling competition for schools, and as an area leader in industrial recycling, Central Kentucky Fiber Resources is proud to once again sponsor this great event. The Recycle-Bowl continues to be a tremendous learning opportunity for Kentucky’s children to study the importance of recycling and reducing waste. Additionally, it gives them a unique opportunity to win prize money for their school that can be put to use for crucial educational resources.

What is the Recycle-Bowl Competition?

There are two, separate Recycle-Bowl competitions that are being held simultaneously from Oct. 19 through Nov. 15. The national Recycle-Bowl rewards schools for collecting a variety of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic and glass. The local Lexington Recycle-Bowl is open only to schools in Fayette County, and is for aluminum can recycling only. Students can compete in both competitions to win prizes for their school, and reduce their personal waste at the same time.

Who is eligible to compete?

The local competition is only for schools that are located in Fayette County, but all schools statewide can participate in the national program. It is open to both public and private schools, and the top school in each category (based on size) will receive a prize.

Take Your Best Shot at Recycling

What are the prizes?

For the local Recycle-Bowl Competition, the top schools in various categories will each be awarded a monetary prize that is generated from local sponsors. The top six schools that recycle the highest total number of aluminum cans will also receive a cash prize, however each school is limited to winning one award. In previous years, prizes of up to $550 were awarded to various schools.

Are there any other important rules?

Click here for a complete list of rules for both of the contests. In the local competition, cans collected both at the school and cans brought in from home and other places are counted in the contest.

For the national competition, only recyclable materials generated at the school are eligible, and aluminum cans are not counted. 

Schools in the local competition should bring their aluminum cans to Baker Iron & Metal Co. for buyback and keep the original buyback receipts. Schools must keep records of all other recyclable material totals for the national competition and submit them properly.

How can I register for the Recycle-Bowl Competition?

The deadline for schools to register for both the local and national competitions is Oct. 12. Registration can easily be completed online at the city of Lexington’s website.