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Find Out What Kind of Paper Products We Recycle

Find Out What Kind of Paper Products We Recycle

Industrial recycling and renewable resources are on everyone’s mind these days, and many companies are trying to devise ways to reduce paper use and move data and records onto a digital platform. However, your business most likely still has its fair share of paper disposal to deal with, and there are many different options available to you when it comes to waste management. So how do you choose a paper recycling solution?

The experts at Central Kentucky Fiber Resources are here to guide you through the process to find your optimal paper recycling solution. Our facility is specially equipped to handle large volumes of recyclable materials, meaning you can get started immediately without having to make a serious investment. You can rest easy knowing that we are fully licensed with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government and the state of Kentucky, and we are proud to be an inaugural member of Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership.

Check out the following sampling of paper recycling services we offer, and let our professional consultants demonstrate how easy it can be for you to make your business more environmentally-friendly while reducing clutter.

Packing Materials

Most commonly found in grocery stores, manufacturing plants and shipping business, we process a variety of brown cardboard paper in bulk, loose or palletized form. Normal amounts of tape and packing labels are generally allowed, but the material must be free of other paper in order to be processed.


Perfect for press organizations or other companies that frequently distribute content on newsprint, we accept many different types of newspaper at our facility. Blank newspaper, pressroom overruns and normal amounts of color newsprint are all allowed. Bundled newspapers and heavily printed newspapers are prohibited.

We Can Recycle Newspaper, Pressroom Overruns and More


While online ordering is becoming more commonplace, printed catalogs are still a big source of revenue for many businesses. The problem is that they have to be updated on a yearly or even monthly basis. We can process loose, separated magazines and catalogs even if they contain some amounts of other coated papers. Magazines or catalogs which are still wrapped in plastic or bundled together are not allowed.


Many companies are moving their directories into a digital database that can be easily updated on the fly. If you’ve recently undergone such a transition and have a stock of outdated paper directories that need disposing of, Central Kentucky Fiber Resources has you covered. We process directories with plain paper covers, but cannot accept plastic laminated covers or bundled directories.

Post-Consumer Paper

This is typically one of the largest categories of paper products for businesses. This includes the plain or printed paper that is normally disposed of as a part of everyday office life, such as letterhead, printing paper and writing paper. Small amounts of staples are usually allowed.


If you’re in the process of moving sensitive information onto a secure digital platform, you’re no doubt dealing with a large volume of shredded and shaved paper. We can dispose of a wide variety of shredded materials.

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