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Results from Fayette County's 2015 Recycle Bowl

Results from Fayette County's 2015 Recycle Bowl

Recycling is important for a variety of reasons. It conserves raw materials, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, protects natural habitats and keeps good products out of landfills. Recently, students from 16 schools in Fayette County got a first-hand look at just how important recycling is, and how much of a difference that just a small group can make, by participating in the National Recycle-Bowl. The schools competed to see who could collect and recycle the most aluminum cans.

As part of the Keep America Beautiful Recycle-Bowl competition, these Fayette County students collected and recycled over 138,000 aluminum cans, totaling nearly 4,000 pounds, from Oct. 19 through Nov. 15. All of us at Central Kentucky Fiber Resources were excited to be involved in this annual event, helping to award prizes to the schools and students that collected the most cans. Other partners in the Recycle Bowl were Keep Lexington Beautiful, Lexington's Division of Waste Management and Environmental Services, and Baker Iron and Metal. 

$750 Winners

The schools that collected and recycled the most cans per student in their respective categories were awarded with $750 in prize money. The winners were:

  • Montessori Middle School won in the "fewer than 300 students" category
  • Sayre School won in the "300-599 students" category
  • Cardinal Valley Elementary won in the "more than 600 students" category

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$450 Winners

The schools that were not able to earn a $750 prize were eligible to receive a $450 prize based on the same cans-per-student criteria. Here are the winners in their respective categories:

  • Christ the King School
  • Lexington Universal Academy
  • Montessori High School
  • Providence Montessori Middle School
  • Wellington Elementary
  • Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics (STEAM) Academy and Mary Todd Elementary tied for sixth place. The schools will split the prize money, each earning $225.


Finally, there were a number of schools that earned certificates for their recycling efforts. These schools are:

  • Ashland Elementary
  • Carter G. Woodson Academy
  • Leestown Middle
  • Meadowthorpe Elementary
  • Morton Middle
  • Rosa Parks Elementary

$750 Went to the Schools Who Recycled the Most cans Per Student

We at Central Kentucky Fiber Resources would like to congratulate all the winners from this year's annual Recycle Bowl, as well as all those who participated in the event. It's events such as this that help raise awareness about the importance of recycling and set a precedent for the future. This annual event also helps students learn about the importance of sustainability and how they can make a difference. We hope that this event has inspired a future generation of environmentally conscious people who always take care to recycle what they can.

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