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What Metal Products Can You Recycle?

What Metal Products Can You Recycle?

Just how important is it to recycle metal? It's estimated that recycling scrap metal has created more than 85,000 jobs and generated $86 billion in 2008 alone. It also greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy when such metals are reused in manufacturing, compared to when virgin materials are used. 

Yes, it's important to recycle metal, and it's estimated that about 150 metric tons of it are recycled in the United States alone each year. Here at Central Kentucky Fiber Resources, where we specialize in industrial recycling, we're happy to accept several different metals for recycling purposes. You can read more about which metals we accept and the importance of recycling below.


Aluminum is arguably the most sustainable of all the metals, as it can be recycled over and over again. One of the most common uses for aluminum is cans, such as soda and beer cans. We encourage area residents to bring us their used aluminum cans, but ask that they make sure that they're drained and separated from other metals or objects that could potentially cause contamination. Despite how sustainable of a metal aluminum is, it's estimated that only about 5.5 million tons of it are recycled each year, making the importance of recycling cans all the more important. 

Aluminum is Arguably the Most Sustainable of the Metals


Steel cans are already one of the most recycled items in the U.S. and for good reason. With so many products and goods that come packaged and stored in this variety, it only makes sense for this metal to be continuously reused to craft other types of packaging down the road. We can accept steel cans as long as the lids are either still attached or discarded. The can must also have been rinsed out and allowed to dry. You don't have to worry about removing the labels.

Other Metals

Central Kentucky Fiber Resources can also accept a variety of metals for recycling besides the big two of steel and aluminum. These include aluminum lithographic sheets, copper wiring harnesses, metal pallets, metal containers, busheling scrap and other small associated parts. Contact us today if you have a question about a specific metal-made product that you're trying to recycle.

As you can see, recycling metal doesn't just help pave the way for a more sustainable planet. It also helps to create jobs and boost the economy as well. It is truly a win-win for everyone involved. For more information on industrial recycling or to schedule your free business consultation, contact us today.

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