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What Is the Purpose of Gaylord Boxes?

What Is the Purpose of Gaylord Boxes?

When it comes to packaging and shipping products, today's manufacturer/distributor needs to do more than just focus on any available product. Consumers like to hear about the environmentally friendly methods being used or the resources keeping costs low. 

Gaylord boxes are one of the options available for many types of shipments. Understanding what they are and how they work is quite important to consumers as well as retailers.

What Is a Gaylord Box?

Step back a few decades and the investment in a Gaylord box would be one referring to a very specific brand of shipping container. Today, this trade name now applies to many types of corrugated boxes.

Traditionally, these boxes are large and even bulk sized. They allow for the shipment of products in a large, single container. In some cases, the box itself can be positioned on the sales floor, opened up, and the products sold from within it. This is often done with bagged products or even fresh produce.

This term is also used to refer to other sizes and types of shipping boxes today. Often times, it is a generic term used to describe most types of hefty containers. This may include tote ans skid boxes as well as pallet containers. Bulk boxes, bulk bins and pallet boxes are also terms used to describe this type of shipping vessel.

 Because Gaylord boxes are corrugated, they are inexpensive to manufacture, inexpensive to use and, even more importantly, they are recyclable.

There are various forms of these boxes. They come in various strengths, which are defined by how many layers or walls the box has. Options include single, double and even triple walls. They can also be made with plastic.

Why Are Gaylord Boxes Used?

Gaylord boxes offer a number of benefits to the manufacturer as well as the retailer. They are strong, heavy boxes that can handle just about anything placed within them. That is because they are made from corrugated materials. However, these boxes, are not meant to be used and reused over and over again. Rather, they are single-use boxes. This means they are "low-volume boxes" with a short lifespan.

This presents the opportunity for recycling. Because these boxes are corrugated, they are inexpensive to manufacture, inexpensive to use and, even more importantly, they are recyclable. 

When it comes to industrial recycling, many businesses are incorporating new and effective methods of reducing waste and implementing eco-friendly solutions. Not only does this help to save the company money in reduced waste, but it also is a positive in the consumers' eyes.

Are They Right for You?

Whether you need to purchase and use Gaylord boxes in your business or you need help with industry recycling, Central Kentucky Fiber Resources can help you. Our team can help you to see how these boxes and other materials fit into your business and how to get the most out of them. Call us to schedule your business consultation today!

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