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DIY Christmas Ornaments Made from Recycled Cardboard

DIY Christmas Ornaments Made from Recycled Cardboard

Do you have some extra cardboard sitting around the house? Maybe you were planning to take it to the recycling facility but never quite made it there. Well, before you send it off to be recycled, consider giving it a chance at another life as a Christmas ornament! You and the kids can gather around the craft table and create cherished ornaments (and memories) that will make decorating your tree even more special. Here are some ideas for easy ornaments you can make using scraps of cardboard. 

Glitter Houses

Glitter houses became popular around the 1930s as Nativity settings and model train scenes. Lately, they've sparked a nostalgic fad. You can now buy expensive pre-made sets, but creating your own glitter house town with your children seems more personal and memorable than just buying factory collections. Besides, by re-using cardboard, you save a ton of money and can customize your town any way you wish. Once you have the basic idea mastered, you can create all types of buildings from cardboard after that.

Cardboard Stars 

The beauty of these star tree ornaments is that you can make them in any size and decorate them a million different ways. Have your kids invent their own decorations and challenge them to a contest for the best star. The winner gets to place his/her star on top of the tree. You could even cut out patterns in the cardboard and run LED light strings through them.

Giant Snowflakes

If you like glitter, you'll love these giant glitter snowflakes. Using the provided patterns, or designing your own, it's a simple matter to cut them out and coat with glue and a variety of glitters. The German glass glitter renders that sparkly snow look. Hang them from the tree or in your windows for passers by and carolers to admire.

Find a snowflake pattern online, trace it on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. Add German glass glitter to give it that sparkly snow look, then hang it from the tree or in your windows for passers-by and carolers to admire.

Gift Box Ornaments

Using the shown pattern, you can scale these gift boxes down to create cool little hanging decorations for the tree. Use thin cardboard from food boxes or last year's Christmas cards you didn't have the heart to throw away. Tie them with brown twine or thin ribbons and drape on the branches for colorful, homemade ornaments.

Then, if you like to save money on real gift boxes, use the full sized patterns to give sweaters and the other presents a homemade touch. If you're cardboard-creative in your own right, you can devise and decorate pretty cardboard bows, too!

Rudolph on the Wall

For another fun project, fashion a reindeer head from thicker cardboard and hang it on the wall. The evergreen wreath works well as a base, but you can make your own from more cardboard, as well. Use connected paper towel and bath tissue tubes with slots into which you glue cut-outs, colored evergreen tree branches or other winter-themed items. 

Once you start crafting your holiday decorations with cardboard, you'll find it difficult to stop. You and your family will have plenty of fun dreaming up new ideas or finding them online. And the best part of it all is that you'll be sparing that good cardboard from the recycle bin while making lasting memories together.

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