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What is America Recycles Day?

What is America Recycles Day?

Many people today want to do more to help the environment, and most would say they agree recycling is important. However, most families today struggle with keeping themselves and their families motivated.  As we come closer to National Recycling Day on November 15th, here are five things you need to do, starting right now, to make recycling a part of your life every day!

Incorporate Recycling with These Tips

  • Know what is recyclable. Not everything we produce can be recycled, unfortunately. However, many people are surprised to find that things like electronics, cell phones, appliances, and old cars can be recycled.
  • Find out who takes these recyclables. Most areas have local drop off locations or curbside service for traditional recycle materials like paper, plastic, and glass. Call your city to see their process for other less common items.
  • Involve the entire family. Kids can learn to sort materials, and many enjoy gathering up the items and taking them to be recycled. Teaching our kids the value of recycling today can go a long way in making a difference tomorrow!
  • Think and plan ahead of time. One of the biggest complaints people have when they first start recycling is that it seems to take up so much time. It doesn’t have to be this way. Make sure you have a system set up that works for you.
  • Start slow and build over time. The easiest way to get turned off by recycling as a family is doing too much at once. Start by focusing on one common item from your home, collect it, and recycle it and build from there for a routine.

Even the smallest change can make a difference and one small modification or change to our normal habits and routines can make ripples that expand and grow and make a world of difference. So, look for the little things you can do now. Start today and take the challenge, not just on November 15th but every day! Commit to doing what you can in your own home and in your own life to recycle more and make an impact. Think one person or family can’t really make an impact? If every family would recycle and reduce their use of plastic bags and cut out 1,000 bags a year that they are using and throwing away, that is 1,000 fewer bags in the oceans and landfills. And if just 12 other families could do the same, that is 12,000 bags not impacting the environment.  Little steps don’t seem like much on their own but they add up over time and combine to make a huge impact!

Start today and take the challenge, not just on November 15th but every day! Commit to doing what you can in your own home and in your own life to recycle more and make an impact.

America Recycles Day Event on November 15th

Here are what participants this year are already pledging to recycle more of according to the official records for this year’s event. What will you commit to focusing on?

  • 4% - Shampoo bottles
  • 19% - Plastic bags and wraps
  • 55% - Plastic bottles and caps
  • 19% - Unwanted mail
  • 3% - Mobile devices

Make a Difference and Accept the Challenge

The national recycling rate has continued to grow each year, and we are currently at around 35% of the American population actively recycling throughout the year. We invite you to get involved and to:

  • Learn. Discover what materials are collected and the services your community offers.
  • Act. Reduce the amount of waste made, recycle more, and buy post-recycled products.
  • Share. Encourage family and friends and neighbors to get involved and recycle more.

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